How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

To have a road trip fun and not stressful when traveling with your pet, follow these travel tips.

Get your pet accustomed to a harness if they're not already. Start by applying the harness outside of your vehicle. Give your pet lots of praise and treats. Allow your pet to wear it as they walk around and play. As your pet becomes accustomed to it, you can secure them in your vehicle for a dry run before the actual road trip.

For cats, it's necessary to get them used to the carrier. Calming treats and pheromone sprays can help, and you can also purchase "Thundershirts" for dogs and cats to calm them.

Some people opt to practice pet road trips. A short trip can tell you how well your pet will do in the car. Also, it highlights other problems such as car sickness, which you may need to treat with medicine. If your pet performs well, you can administer praise and treats.

During longer trips, you'll check and allow your pet to relieve itself. Training your pet to go on-demand ensures they'll use the bathroom on time when you stop. Some pets struggle with this in different locations, so you can take your pet to new areas and practice going.

Make sure you have all the food you'll need. Pack any medication and bring a cooler if medication must remain cold. Bring treats to reward your pet and their favorite toys to keep them occupied while on the trip. Your pet's bed or blankets and pillows allow them to rest comfortably. Don't forget waste bags.

Finally, make an appointment with your veterinarian before any trip. The doctor can look for any issues and also administer needed vaccinations. If medication is needed for issues such as carsickness or solely a refill, your vet can do that as well. Consider having your pet microchipped if not already. It's a great time to update the information.

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