Radiology And Xrays

The brand new digital x-ray unit we have allows us to take radiographs with only 15% as much radiation exposure as in the past. This new technique means far more safety for your pet!

This allows us to do a far better and safer job of diagnosing and preventing illness.  With a safer technique we are able to perform these diagnostics in a much more holistic, integrative way.

We are excited about using the newer Penn Hip technique for evaluating hip dysplasia risk, in addition to our traditional OFA studies of the hips and other orthopedic screening tests.

These radiographic studies allow us to help our breeders do the best possible job in producing healthy future litters from their breeding programs.

Additionally, we have access to ultrasound for those who need further diagnostic techniques, such as for pregnancy checks or more extensive health tests.

We will be sure to give your pet the utmost care!


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