Holistic Veterinary Dermatology

shutterstock_170978810.pngDr. Diane Richter had extensive training at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine. She loves the challenge of getting to the bottom of the underlying cause of skin issues so she can actually prevent and treat the issue effectively, using far less of the toxic things traditionally used like steroids and antibiotics.

Dr. Diane is able to diagnose and manage all but the very toughest of skin diseases, which she then gladly refers to a board certified veterinary dermatologist.

Because she had a childhood pet that suffered greatly with skin disease, she had a passion to help solve these challenging cases. Pets can have allergies to fleas, food, atopic inhaled allergens like house dust mites, grasses, weeds, trees and mold. Pets can also have metabolic issues like low thyroid, diabetes, or nutritional deficiencies that can exacerbate skin problems.

Like Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Diane helps you work up your pet in a stepwise fashion, to keep the work up affordable, but to stop throwing "good money after bad" and treating the actual cause and not just the symptoms.

She stays up on the latest technologies, including affordable atopic allergy blood screening tests, more extensive full screening tests to develop desensitization methods, hypoallergenic food trials, herbal remedies, acupuncture, cold laser, essential oils and other integrative and holistic modalities.

She constantly studies the safest and most effective traditional and alternative flea and tick prevention.

She is very excited about the new sublingual (under the tongue) drops that can be used as an alternative to allergy shots.

New medications like Apoquel are excellent alternatives to the use of cortisone with far less side effects  and is in her arsenal to treat your pet as well.

The integrated and holistic approach to veterinary medicine truly is awesome when it comes to treating skin cases because it gives the pet the best relief with the least side effects.


Come in today and let Dr. Diane help you diagnose and manage your pet's skin issues!

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