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1464657_760194380735191_3533487442943189055_2n3.jpgGiant and Bullie Breed Dog Specialty - Dr. Diane loves her dogs big and drooly! Bullstock's Cherrybomb, her beloved bullmastiff, was the love of her life, and because of this love of giant dog breeds, many breeders seek her out for her special interest. The anesthesia risks of some of our bully breeds are well understood by Dr. Richter and she treats them all like her own babies. Feel free to come and discuss your particular breed in depth with Dr. Diane. She loves to help breeders improve their lines and keep everyone healthy!


Toy Breed Dog Specialty - Dr. Diane also loves them small and barky! Peaches, her beloved Shetland Sheepdog also brought her great joy! All toy breeds are a favorite for Diane. She works with the top breeder of Norwich Terriers in the world and loves taking care of the special needs of these sweet little "squeaky toys". The anesthesia protocols and special breed issues are a passion for Dr. Diane. Come in today and see how much she loves the little guys, too!

Using integrative and holistic veterinary techniques, we can treat pets of all shapes and sizes!


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