Holistic Veterinary Anesthesia

shutterstock_18997477122.png Dr. Richter has equipped her hospital with state of the art Sevoflurane gas anesthesia equipment to ensure the safest anesthesia possible.

She also uses extensive anesthesia monitoring systems so that the heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure are all carefully watched while the patient is undergoing their procedure.

We utilize various herbs and acupuncture techniques along with the traditional Western anesthesia to lessen any side effects in a holistic and integrative way.

Presurgical blood work is recommended for all patients to assess the kidney and liver function before anesthesia.

IV catheters are used to allow immediate access to an IV port if there were to be an emergency and fluids are given when appropriate.

We take every precaution we possibly can, treating your furry family member with the same care we would give to our own pet.

We have protocols in place at Compassion Veterinary Hospital help us keep your pet as safe as possible when we have to do any specialized procedure. We take the utmost care when it comes to anesthesia.


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