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Dr. Diane Richter is proud to say that our entire staff is made up of animal lovers! Each with their own back ground story as to why they love working here, and why they find this job so rewarding. Our team here at Compassion Vet Hospital are always here and ready to help you and your pets any way we can!


Jennifer - Comes to us with excellent experience from a very busy 5 doctor practice that treated both small and large animals. Growing up, she surrounded herself with animals and the great outdoors. In her free time she enjoys hiking, horseback riding and spending time with her friends, family and her fur babies! Any time you call, you can expect to be greeted by her friendly voice and be reassured that you will be helped in a quick and timely manner. Jennifer is a excellent asset to our team and we can't wait to spend many years together.


Stephanie - While it is rare to get to see our favorite receptionist, because she now is the busy homeschooling mom of FOUR children....Stephanie is still a VITAL part of our team here at Compassion Veterinary Hospital. She works behind the scenes on the "nuts and bolts" part of the business so that Dr. Diane can focus on what she does best...caring for your pets! We wouldn't know what to do without her contagious laugh!

The REST of our Team at Compassion Vet...

1798577_713432115411418_6219244220872761310_n1.jpgChicken Nugget, Our Nine Year old Golden Japanese Bantam Rooster, has been rather legendary around these parts of New Hampshire. Nugget became a "house pet" when he used to come and crow at the back door, looking for "cuddles". Needless to say, The Richters made him a permanent part of the family. Now Nuggie goes with Dr. Diane to various PreSchool, Kindergarten and First Grade classes to allow children a chance to get close and personal with such a friendly Rooster. He crows on demand, plays dead, and if given the chance will gladly hang out and take a nap with you while watching TV. We are SO blessed to have such a special bird in our lives! He is a Compassion Vet Hospital FIXTURE!


Cherry, Our favorite "greeter" is Dr. Diane's beloved Bullmastiff. She is such a JOY! She adores ALL children, (the more little they are, the happier she is!) And she loves ALL animals. She watches over EVERYONE like a Nanny. She is in training for Confirmation shows and also to work as a service dog in the Paws to Read program with the Kearsarge School District. This is a program where children with reading delays can come and read to dogs, who of course never pass judgment, and Cherry will be PERFECT for this program because she is such a LOVEBUG. Many thanks to her wonderful Canadian breeders, who co-own this sweet girl, Bullstock's Cherry Bomb with Dr. Diane. We ADORE her and think you will, too!

Peaches2.jpgPeaches, is our other family mascot. Her show name is Golden Hylight's Peaches'n'Cream and we think she is simply DELICIOUS! Peaches' bright, happy, bark and sweet face is always ready to welcome you to Compassion Veterinary Hospital. She and Cherry watch over the Richter family VERY carefully, and there is no doubt that it is PEACHES who runs the show! She is a lot of fun!


Mouse, our TINY five pound brown tabby, certainly lives up to her little name. She and her "sister" Butter, came to Compassion Vet looking for new homes when they were kittens. She was only three pounds in size when Dr. Diane spayed her, and she never grew larger than five pounds. But what she lacks in size, she SURELY makes up for in HEART. She is a LOT of love in a TINY package!


Butternut is our resident "big fat orange cat." Butter is a SWEETIE and has a very LOUD purr. You can catch her napping in the sun or searching out a good chin scratch. She is a DOLL.




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