Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy - The use of laser light therapy with Dr. Diane's class 3b medical cold laser is an outstanding way to treat arthritis pain and other chronic disease conditions. The quality of life of many of our "older" kids has improved exponentially with this newer modality.

Dr. Richter has pursued a great deal of continuing education in this exciting new field of laser therapy. Dr. Diane has used a surgical laser for years, so the idea of using a non surgical laser to promote healing was fascinating to her.

While much is yet to be learned of the theory behind "how" cold laser therapy works, the fact remains that it DOES work. FDA trials in human medicine have shown this method to be scientifically proven to be effective in treating plantar fasciitis, and to cure toenail fungus.

One of the theories states that each organ in the body has a specific wavelength of light associated with it. And the use of those specific wavelengths will promote the bodies innate ability to heal itself in those specific organs. Such a distance (635 nanometers) is the length of light we are interested in and falls within the red band of visible light. That is the type of cold laser Dr. Diane uses.

Another theory suggests that the use of the light "excites" the area, promoting better blood flow. This in turn, helps bring oxygen for healing and take away the toxic byproducts of inflammation formed in disease processes.

The type of laser Dr. Diane uses is one that is not going to ever burn the tissue under the skin (there are several classes of cold laser that, if used with improper technique, can cause permanent damage to the body). She has learned several methods of treating illness with the laser and has been thrilled with the results.

This is wonderful for arthritis treatment, soft tissue treatment, and for needle free acupuncture. This is a great new integrative and holistic modality that we are happy to offer here at Compassion Veterianary Hospital.


We are so happy to offer this treatment to our patients. Often they get such a beta endorphin release that they end up FALLING ASLEEP during the therapy! And some of our shy patients feel so good after getting a couple of sessions that they actually RUN in the door looking for "Auntie Diane" to do their laser treatment!

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