Cold Laser Therapy

When your pet is in pain from an injury or chronic problem, you want to help them feel better.  Medication is not always the right answer while surgery may seem like a drastic step for symptom relief. Fortunately, your pet has another option, one that involves no surgery or drugs whatsoever. At Compassion Veterinary Hospital our veterinarian uses an advanced treatment modality known as cold laser therapy to soothe pain and promote healing.

How Cold Laser Therapy Helps Your Pet


Cold laser therapy gets its name from the fact that it operates at a lower frequency than the cutting lasers used for surgery. A cold laser beam can penetrate the skin without leaving so much as a mark. Its real objective lies in treating the muscles, nerves, and connective tissues a few centimeters below the skin. The cold laser recharges cellular stores of an energy source called adenosine triphosphate, giving cells more of the fuel they need to repair and regenerate tissues. Cold laser therapy also relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation, dilates blood vessels for improved circulation, and triggers the production endorphins for drug-free pain relief.

The drug-free aspect of cold laser therapy can prove especially valuable for certain pets. If your pet cannot take pain medication due to underlying health conditions or other drugs that might interact with the painkillers, cold laser therapy can give him the relief he needs safely and effectively.

Gentle, Non-Invasive Care 

Our veterinarian may prescribe a course of cold laser therapy for a variety of health challenges. Cold laser therapy can help pets struggling with soft tissue injuries, arthritis, neuropathy (nerve dysfunction), chronic musculoskeletal strains, and other issues. It can also help pets recover from surgery more easily and comfortably.

Your pet will find cold laser therapy quite soothing and comfortable. We simply direct a handheld laser device over the treatment area while the pet sits or lies down quietly. No pre-treatment shaving or other procedures are needed. Some pets become so relaxed that they fall asleep during their treatments. Cold laser therapy is safe enough that you can schedule it as often as your pet may need it for treatment of a chronic pain problem.

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Cold laser therapy integrates easily with many other helpful techniques that we offer at our clinic, from acupuncture to essential oil. Our veterinarian can evaluate your pet's needs and create a customized holistic plan just for him. Call Compassion Veterinary Hospital at 603-938-5500 today for more information!

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