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Diane Richter, DVM
Veterinarian / Owner

Dr. Diane Richter is the practice owner of Compassion Veterinary Hospital. In 2006, she converted this lovely 1781 Cape Cod into a homey practice where she could do high quality integrative holistic veterinary medicine in a warm, friendly environment. She loves being the 'small town vet' where the love of community flows both ways. She loves to see her clients' fur kids, whom she counts among her friends, and shares her contagious laugh along the way.

Diane grew up as Diane Urich, in Litchfield, Connecticut. Moving to Fort Myers, Florida with her family when she was only 8 years old, she found that she never quite got New England out of her veins. She is admittedly a "Southern Belle" after twenty seven years in Florida. But, in 2003, she boldly made the move to New Hampshire to raise her three sons. She enjoys the better quality of life and the beauty of the change of the seasons, and so do her three adult sons. As a single mom, her proudest accomplishment in life is her three boys!


Diane is a graduate of the University of Florida, a true blue "Gator Vet". Her training is extensive in the areas of dermatology, internal medicine, reproduction, neurology, behavior, and surgery. Her ability to see the "big picture" of internal medicine cases, and explain options for diagnosis and treatment to her clients, is her greatest forte. Her surgery suite is state of the art, with excellent anesthesia monitoring and even a surgical laser to allow for the best in surgical care.

In addition to her traditional training, Dr. Diane has pursued many alternative medicine options. She combines a holistic approach to veterinary medicine, with traditional western medicine. This "integrative" approach brings an excellent balance to her ability to treat the patient as a whole. Dr. Diane has studied such modalities as VOM chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and Chinese Herbal medicine. She truly has a passion for these holistic therapies as she feels they help her patients not only "survive" but "thrive".


Dr. Diane has a special interest in geriatric medicine. She feels "cheated" if her fur kid patients don't make it "well up in years". By employing preventative medicine, diet and herbal therapies, she truly makes the golden years for your furry loved ones a little less "tarnished".

Dr. Diane has also spent many years developing her reputation as a "cat whisperer". Many feline patients actually purr and relax during their exams because they feel so at ease in her care.

Large dogs are also a great love; the bigger the better! English Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs and all the Bullie breeds are so special to her....their unique breed needs for anesthesia and reproduction are something very familiar to her. (Her beloved Bullie pup Cherry is here on the website!)


She enjoys her community very much, from singing in the local church to having watched her boys grow up in the wonderful Kearsarge School District. She enjoys gardening and celebrating the seasons with family and friends.

Her sense of humor and love of life makes Compassion Veterinary Hospital a warm and inviting experience for both pet and owner.

She has assembled a wonderful staff that also feel passionate about the patients they serve...and truly live out the hospital motto that Compassion Veterinary Hospital is a place where "Caring is what we do best!"

Sarah Mills, DVM


Dr. Sarah Mills

Dr. Mills joined Dr. Richter in the summer of 2021. A New England native and an alumna of the University of New Hampshire, she returned to New Hampshire to be near family after graduating from the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Mills has been practicing in the region for well over a decade and is thrilled to join the Compassion team.

Dr. Mills shares a passion for internal medicine, endocrinology, reproduction and surgery with Dr. Richter.

Dr. Mills

When she's not in the hospital with her patients and the Compassion team, Dr. Mills is home with her two daughters, baking, quilting and crafting with them or can be found helping run the Newport Area Girl Scout troop.

Dr. Mills loves all pets, but has a special spot in her heart for giant breeds, Labs and Aussies. She currently shares her home with a Lab/Aussie cross who has been dubbed an Austrador and a Wolfhound/Poodle cross. She also has three cats that permit the humans and dogs to share their domain.

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