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shutterstock_99995747.pngNutritional Counseling - We all know we ARE what we EAT. That is why nutrition is so important to Dr. Diane Richter. She has used both holistic, integrative training and traditional training to assess and guide you in building a healthy diet for your pet's long term health needs.

Obesity, cancer, food allergies, skin infections, ear infections, sore feet, diarrhea, vomiting...all can be helped with proper nutritional guidance. This is an area in which Dr. Diane loves to help!

Many pets, especially in the Northeast have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be assessed and treated holistically.

Moreover, the hyper-processing of kibble diets for dogs and cats destroys most of the innate nutritional healing that was in the food before it was processed and packaged for easy sale and long shelf life.


Dr. Diane has been trained in techniques of feeding cancer patients, helping meet their unique nutritional needs, and giving them the building blocks to fight the cancer within their bodies.

Cat nutrition is a special interest of Dr. Richter and she attends as many continuing education course offered by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as possible. She uses this knowledge to help guide her clients in feeding their cats for optimal health and weight and life stage.

The feeding of both dogs and cats with food allergies (a field ever growing with more GMO issues finding their way into commercial dog and cat food), is a special interest for Dr. Diane as well. She LOVES to help "cure" vomiting, diarrhea, sore feet, sore ears, and skin infections with the change of a diet. It is so wonderful to have a pet that feels so much better with a diet change!

Working dogs, for sledding or agility are also frequent patients of Dr. Diane and we love to help solve their unique high caloric needs as athletes.

Nutrition is a complex field of study, and since the pet food industry is a six BILLION dollar industry, believe us when we tell you that the PET FOOD STORE is not always the best resource for you.

With blood work and appropriate supplements, Dr. Diane can help guide you to help your furry loved ones get OPTIMAL nutrition to keep the body's own innate healing process at full performance.

We use a variety of whole food micro-nutrient sources including Irish Sea Vegetables (to avoid the radiation still present in the pacific ocean after the Japanese Tsunami), a variety of Chinese herbal supplements and various vitamins as well as guiding you in holistic ways to feed your pet more generally.


Let us help you feed your dog or cat so they thrive!

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