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shutterstock_99995747.pngMost pet owners see their animal as another member of the family, and as a member of your family, your pet's health is a serious concern to you. Just like with people, an animal's health and quality of life are often deeply rooted in their nutrition. At Compassion Vet Hospital your pet's health is our number one priority. We know that sometimes pet nutrition can be confusing or overwhelming. Keep reading to learn more about our pet nutritional counseling services and how we can help. 

When Pet Nutrition Goes Wrong

In the past, people often believed that it didn’t matter what a pet ate. However, in recent decades, research has shown that a pet’s nutrition has a major effect on an animal's life span and their quality of life. This research has been very helpful in creating better pet foods and giving pet owners a chance to learn how they can better increase their pet's healthy years. 

When pet nutrition goes wrong, an animal can develop many different problems. The biggest issue pet owners face is figuring out the best kind of food for them. Even foods that could prove toxic to your pet may be fine for others to eat. If you are not educated on what food is best for your pet to eat, you could unknowingly feed something dangerous. 

Another problem that poor pet nutrition can pose is the possibility of overfeeding. This is a very common problem with modern pet owners. Knowing how much to feed your pet is a very important aspect of their health and well-being. When a pet overeats, they can become obese, leading to health complications just like it would for a human. 

How Compassion Vet Can Help


Our pet nutrition counseling services are available to help you navigate these important questions. Most problems with pet nutrition come about because pet owners are not educated enough on what and how much food their pet should eat. It is also important to note that a pet's nutritional needs will change with time. Your older pet will not need the same kind or quantity of food as they did when they were younger. 

Our pet nutritional counseling services can help you better understand all of these issues. Our team will evaluate your particular pet, taking into consideration their size, age, and breed, so that we can come up with a nutritional plan that is right for them. 

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