Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr. Diane has studied the used of Chinese herbs for many years. She constantly purses continuing education to expand that knowledge base further.

She has studied with Dr. Huisheng Xie of the Chi Institute at the University of Florida. Dr. Xie's Jingtang Herbal Formulary is an excellent resource for her.

The VetriScience company inVermont produces many herbal formulas right here in our own "backyard" and they are an excellent adjunct to our other holistic therapies. We also have a wide number of prebiotics and probiotics to support the immune system by keeping the gut flora healthy.

One of the most exciting integrative collaborations in this field for Dr. Diane is with Dr. Luke Cua of in Rosemead, CA. Dr. Cua is a 7th generation Chinese Herbal Medical Doctor in California who has assisted Dr. Diane with her own personal health and has made formularies for many of her animal patients. Dr. Cua's formularies are all produced here in the USA (which makes us feel quite secure about the safety) and are made in sizes appropriate even for the smallest cat or dog. Some of Dr. Diane's patients who have used these herbal treatments from Dr. Cua are now four and five years out post treatment for aggressive forms of Mast Cell Cancer and we are THRILLED.

Dr. Richter loves to study and formulate these types of treatment protocols for your pets. This is especially helpful in the treatment of cancer and other geriatric conditions. Almost all medicines came originally from Herbs, so it is not a stretch at all to reach for these wonderful ancient techniques to help with Holistic healing.

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