Senior Pet Care

At Compassion Veterinary Hospital we offer a variety of animal health and wellness services to the residents of Bradford and surrounding towns. Dr. Diane Richter is the owner of the animal hospital. She established this facility in 2006 so that she could provide veterinary services including surgical procedures, holistic medicine, vaccines, and more. She is supported by a qualified and experienced team. Along with medical procedures, the hospital also offers nutritional counseling  and senior pet care.


Why Senior Pet Care Is Important

At times, pet owners are not fully aware of the importance of providing the extra care needed by older pets. For different breeds, the term “senior” has different definitions. For example, larger breeds of dogs tend to have a shorter life span than smaller breeds. As pets get older, they need a lot more attention, affection, and medical care. Here are some of the top reasons why senior pet care is important:

  • As pets get older, they tend to gain weight. This adds extra stress on their joints which causes damage to their cartilage. This can lead to arthritis. A veterinarian can help guide pet owners towards a nutritional plan to help their pets lose weight. Excess weight can also affect a pet's quality of life.
  • Mental health is as important in pets as it is in humans. Pets can suffer from depression and senility, just as humans do. Try to engage your pets in activities that keep their minds stimulated. If your pets continue to display signs of mental senility, please get in touch with a veterinarian.    
  • Pets that are non-neutered or non-spayed have a higher risk of certain types of cancer.
  • Senior pets can require certain environmental conditions to be comfortable. As they age, they might not be able to climb stairs or be able to withstand extreme outdoor weather.
  • The immune system slows down with age. Problems such as infections can become major issues in senior pets, as they are not able to fight off diseases as well as they used to.

Get in Touch with Our Veterinarian

For senior pets, more frequent visits to the veterinarian are required. You can book an appointment with us by calling  603-938-5500 or by stopping into the office. At Compassion Veterinary Hospital, we’re here for you and your pets.

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