Geriatric Medicine And Senior Care

All of Dr. Diane's own pets have lived well into their senior years. Her horse Moose was thirty eight when he passed away, her dogs have all lived into their late teens, and her cats have all lived to nearly twenty years of age. This all comes with preventative health care to be sure our pets not only survive but thrive!

If you were to ask Dr. Diane what is her favorite part of veterinary medicine, it would be the OLD guys! Because she loves the long term love affair between pet and owner, geriatric medicine is a PASSION for Dr. Richter. She wants to be sure you have your furry loved ones around as long as possible with the very best quality of life.

She and her staff at Compassion Veterinary Hospital will be happy to help you develop a program for your pet even starting as a puppy or kitten with this long term goal in mind. The integrative, holistic approach to veterinary medicine really helps you keep your fur kids healthy for a long time!


Routine bloodwork, dental care, nutritional counseling, and the use of all of her holistic techniques and supplements will help you come up with a plan that helps ensure your pet can live a LONG and VIBRANT life!

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