Holistic Wellness Exams And Vaccine Protocols

Wellness Exams-The most important thing you can do for your dog OR your cat is to bring them in for a physical wellness exam once a year (twice a year after age seven). The things Dr. Diane can find and "tweak" with diet and herbs to make sure our pets live a LONG and HEALTHY life really will astound you! This integrative, holistic approach really works! Routine blood work can diagnose many early disease processes, which allows early intervention and prevention. A regular physical once a year can allow for early diagnosis of dental health issues and even cancer!

Vaccinations - Dr. Diane believes in the very careful and judicious use of vaccines to prevent disease.  She truly loves minimizing the impact of vaccines by using vaccine titers to help her only vaccinate when absolutely necessary. Her vaccine protocols are based on the work of Dr. Jean Dodds, and the Compassion Veterinary Hospital staff constantly reworks our vaccine protocols based on the most current studies available in our field of medicine. The safest, adjuvent-free vaccines, with no mercury or aluminum, are utilized in her practice. It is important to prevent disease, but it is also important above all else to do no harm.

Pharmacy - Our in-house and online pharmacies allow us to provide you with affordable and convenient medications for your pets. We often are able to meet or beat online pharmacy prices with a better guarantee that you are not getting some knock off product that may not be safe or effective. We want your pets to be safe in every way possible. Ask about our pharmacy today.

Parasite Prevention - External and Internal parasites can be shared with your family, so for your pet's sake as well as that of your human family, we will work hard to keep your pet parasite free. We have holistic and traditional options.  Dr. Diane will give you her best possible guidance to balance the pros and cons of which prevention you may want to choose for your particular situation, weighing the risks and benefits together. She will help you pick the best prevention for your family and do regular testing and treatment to keep your entire family healthy and well!

Puppy and Kitten Care - Our staff LOVES to meet new babies! We are here to help you bond with your new kids and to help you every step along the way! From discussing vaccines, protecting your family from intestinal parasites, discussing the widely varied protocols for spays and neuters and the pros and cons of when to do these surgeries, house breaking to behavioral training, if you have questions, we want to help!

Microchipping - As a former Humane Society veterinarian, Dr. Diane has seen microchips save lives! It's truly remarkable how fast we can return a lost pet to an owner when the time comes. Ask us about microchips today!

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