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Welcome to Compassion Vet Hospital!

Thank you SO much for joining me on my new blog page! I am so excited about having a new way to communicate and educate all of you about the wonderful new Holistic and Integrative Medicine options we have available here at Compassion Veterinary Hospital. This website/blog thing is all NEW to me, and I laugh, because my three teenage sons think it is funny someone who can TALK so much is so INTIMIDATED to start using technology to BLOG.

But, this is WONDERFUL!!! So many of you know all of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine traditional techniques I use for surgery and medicine. (Yes, Folks this girl IS a GATOR VET!) But many of you do not realize I have spent countless hours pursing continuing education and certification in various areas of Alternative Medicine.

I am looking forward to teaching all of you about all the wonderful techniques I have learned and show you new ways to help your fur babies not only Survive, but THRIVE!

Please tune in regularly! Looking forward to all of this very much (no matter how much my teenage techno nerd sons are laughing behind the scenes at mom's learning curve!)

Have a great day and talk to you SOON!

With a warm hug, Dr. Diane

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