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Anxiety Woes in Dogs and Cats, Holistic Treatment

Looking for peaceful options for your stressed out pet? You are not alone!

Many of our fur kids struggle with anxiety issues. It is usually our very intelligent pets that struggle the most. I call it the "think too much" syndrome.

Anxiety can manifest itself in many forms. Cats can hypergroom themselves, or even ingest wool in nursing behaviors (more common in oriental breeds, and is called wool eating). Dogs can destroy property, or hypergroom themselves (licking their forearms producing acryl lick granulomas, or even thigh sucking) and nursing on blankets.

What is a parent of an anxious pet to do?

Start by regulating your schedule as much as possible. Consistency whenever possible is best.

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Whether a cat or a dog, the release of beta endorphins from exercise really does help them. It is not just that a tired pet is a happy pet. There is scientific proof that regular exercise truly does help with all of these anxiety and/or depression issues.

Getting a buddy of another dog or cat friend, can have a real calming effect on many pets. Let us help you in your choosing process, so you don't end up with "double trouble". We will be happy to help guide you if this is the right choice for you.

For dogs, a DAP collar (available through our online pharmacy) can help immensely. These collars are impregnated with feel good pheromones that help to give a sense of well being to the anxious dogs.

The use of VetriScience's Composure plus is very helpful as well. This holistic blend of L-Tryptophan (the sleepy time turkey protein) and the feel good bonding hormones found in colostrum (first milk) work together to calm the dogs and cats. These herbal treats are best used BEFORE the dog STARTS to get anxious. In other words, before the adrenals get jazzed up and working overtime and they are not as effective. Try giving the treats first thing in the morning, long before you start fussing around for your car keys as part of your getting ready to go routine.

For cats, the use of pheromones like the Feliway Diffuser can help promote that same sense of calm and well being.

Lavender essential oil, two drops, rubbed on the inner pinna (underside) of the ear can be very calming in many pets. (Many humans rub it on the feet at night to help babies and adults alike achieve better sleep).

And of course a behavioral consult to see if the use of medications like amitryptiline and prozac for short term treatment alone with behavioral therapies, may be warranted.

NO ONE likes to be anxious. And that includes our pets. So I would be more than glad to help your babies find a peaceful anxiety free way of living when apart from you!

Wishing your pets a very zen day!  Dr. Diane

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