Veterinary Surgery And Surgical Laser

 Dr. Diane has a highly specialized surgical Accuvet CO2 laser that not only cuts but also seals and cauterizes the blood vessels and nerves during surgery. This means less bleeding and far less pain during recovery. She has attended may seminars to advance her laser surgery techniques

The surgical laser can also be used on a "paint brush" setting that allows the laser to destroy any remaining cancer cells that may be left behind after a cancerous tumor removal, which is a wonderful way to help prevent the return of cancer to a surgery site after a tumor is removed.

It also is very helpful in making surgical declaw procedures almost pain free for kittens during recovery. We are very thankful Dr. Diane has this additional skill set and equipment when it comes to surgery.

Dr. Richter is a former humane society veterinarian, so she developed many ways to do a quick and less painful spay or neuter on pets. This means a much faster recovery for our fur kids!

She is also a gifted surgeon for reconstructive surgeries like trauma and tumor removal. She enjoys helping the pets return rapidly to full function. She utilizes holistic and integrative modalities to lessen the impact of any surgical or dental procedure.

She will arrange for specialty surgeons to come into the practice for orthopedic procedures or advanced surgeries when needed, or will refer a patient to a specialist at a local facility.

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