If you are a cat or dog owner, you likely want to keep your pet looking and feeling their best all the time. Grooming and bathing are important processes that need to be administered often to help keep pets healthy and comfortable. If your pet requires assistance with grooming processes, give a call to Compassion Vet Hospital in Bradford to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here is some general information on grooming to read over so you understand its importance and how vet care can help when necessary.


Reasons Why a Pet Would Need Grooming

A pet that tends to play in dirty areas will need frequent bathing. If your pet has a run in with a skunk, they will need a bath immediately.  Older pets and kittens usually have trouble grooming themselves properly.

Your pet's claws or nails should be clipped regularly so that they do not snag one in carpeting as they walk. Tending to the eyes on a routine basis to wipe away any discharge will help your pet to see without obstruction. Regular tooth brushing sessions will protect your pet against tooth loss.

The Different Grooming Procedures Administered To Pets

There are a few different actions to take when grooming a pet to ensure all areas of the body are cared for. Bathing is an important part of the grooming process. Before you bathe your cat or dog, give their fur a combing to remove any loose debris from their coat. Make sure the water temperature used is not too hot for your pet and slowly submerge your animal into a bath or sink of water, up to the tops of their legs. This will allow them to continue standing during the procedure. After using an appropriate pet shampoo, towel dry your pet and use a hair dryer to warm them if necessary. Check your pet's nose, eyes, and ears for debris and use a wet cloth to remove dirt if needed. Your pet's teeth can be brushed and their claws or nails can be clipped as well.

What Our Vet Can Do To Help With Grooming

Sometimes, a pet will not allow their owner to groom without misbehaving. If your pet is displaying poor behavioral practices when you attempt to comb their fur or clip their claws, it may be better to have a professional attend to the job. Our veterinarian is seasoned in working with all sizes and ages of dogs and cats and will offer compassionate care when performing grooming processes. 

Schedule an Appointment Today!

You can call Compassion Vet Hospital in Bradford to make an appointment with our vet for a grooming session. Call our practice today at 603-938-5500 for more information about grooming.

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