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Skin Problems in Dogs

Skin Problems in Dogs 

If you own a dog, you know how upsetting it is to watch him scratch, itch, or appear uncomfortable. Dogs can develop skin issues and irritations that you may need to visit a veterinarian to resolve. Talk to the professionals at Compassion Veterinary Hospital in Bradford to relieve your pet’s skin problems.

Common Dermatology Issues in Dogs 

If your dog exhibit signs of a skin issue, it could be something as simple as dry skin or something far more worrisome like parasites, infections, alopecia, ringworm, or even tumors. The best way to address the dermatology issue is to seek veterinary assistance promptly. Below are two common problems that cause skin complications in dogs.


All breeds are vulnerable to allergies, whether it is from food, environmental, or contact allergens. These problems most commonly manifest in excessive itching or scratching, redness, hair loss, or a rash. Visiting our veterinarian for an examination allows her to determine if your dog is suffering from allergies or if there is another reason why your dog is experiencing skin problems.

Fleas and Ticks 

Fleas and ticks are parasites that are known to cause skin issues in dogs. Not only can they become uncomfortable for your dog, but they can also cause scabs, hot spots, irritated skin, and excessive chewing, licking, or biting that could lead to an infection. Consult with our veterinarian for a treatment plan for these parasites.

Does Your Dog Have A Skin Problem? Call and Speak with Our Veterinarian in Bradford Today 

Don’t let your dog suffer from skin problems and their uncomfortable side effects. Talk to the veterinary professionals at Compassion Veterinary Hospital in Bradford right away at 603-938-5500 to make an appointment.

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